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EU Regulation on Reviews – Omnibus Directive

Ensure compliance of your online store with the latest legislation. Since May 28, 2022, a new omnibus directive has been implemented, exerting a direct impact on the entire realm of online commerce in Europe. Directive 2019/2161 specifically pertains to online store and product reviews, making

Reasons to have a desktop computer

Overview The desktop computer, also known as a desktop PC, certainly has notable advantages over a laptop, which is the preferred choice for many. Since it does not need to be transported, as the name suggests, it requires a desk or surface to be placed

Windows 11

Certainly, a highly discussed fact is that Microsoft has released another operating system, Windows 11. Although many people are still unsure about choosing this version or may have heard that it does not deliver the expected results, installing this version does come with several advantages.

The ultimative formular for success

Successful individuals do not view their mistakes as failures. They see them as valuable lessons they have learned in life. From these lessons, they learn how to avoid future errors. This requires a corresponding mindset that perceives a mistake as just another lesson, in order

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